There’s something about Mary

mary maryMary Nitschke is passionate about utilities, and should perhaps switch to decaf. She is the first president of the Utility Management Advisory board, possesses an Energy Resource Management Certificate from UC Davis, and two Bachelors of Art from UC Berkeley. She is the Director of Ancillary Services for the award winning Prometheus Real Estate Group, Inc, where she has the privilege of managing both the resident costs and expense sides of the utility wheelhouse. She has the first law of thermodynamics posted by her office door, and a triple black 1970 Lincoln Mark III, with over 400 bhp, in her driveway.

I’ll be sharing my journey to take two apartment buildings at Prometheus Real Estate Group off the grid as Net Zero buildings. When I share my opinion on the process, industry trends and more, please know that my thoughts are my own and may not represent those of Prometheus.